Transported Far Away

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By: northgate

Joe blurts out, "I wish to be far away from this girl's room." and instantly there is a blinding light and when he recovers he looks up and sees a huge television in front of him with some reality TV show on. "What is this", he thinks to himself as he looks down at the smooth wood surface he is standing on. He hears a noise and turns around and sees a huge girl sitting on a massive sofa behind him. She is wearing nothing but a tee shirt and briefs. She is beautiful. Joe looks around and realize he is in a modern living room and standing on her coffee table. He figures he must be about four inches tall. He grew but not by much.

Just then he hears the girl say, "What the ...".

Joe spins around and sees that she spotted him.

"What are you", she asks as she pulls herself closes to him to see what he is.


Your choices:

  1. asks her for help
  2. jumps from the table and runs

Retrieved September 13, 2016