Jasmine Finds Joe

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By: northgate

Joe is kept pleasuring his new mistress for two solid days only getting a break when she needed to use the bathroom. He is a wreck from being locked up inside her hot body coated in her juices. However, today she is going to use the baths and decided not to take her tiny sultan along for fear of drowning him. Instead she places him an a glass with less than an inch of water in it so he can also bath himself and get refreshed for the evening's activities. Before leaving his blond mistress promised she would teach him new tricks to pleasure her.

Joe lays in the water a bit miffed that he has found himself only a few days ago the sultan now reduced to bathing in his own slave girl's drinking glass. At least the water is cool and it is a much needed break from her constant demands. He sits down in teh water and slash some over his head when he hears a noise in the room outside the confines of his glass prison. He can see movement through the thick glass but can not tell who is out there. He listens and whoever is there approaches the table his glass is sitting on. Joe decides to remain quiet afraid that he will get himself in even deeper trouble or that it is list own mistress who returned and she would be angered by him calling for help. The person gets even closer and Joe can sense that they are very near the table. He looks up trying to see any clue with the limited view he has above him and to his relief a face appears. It is Jasmine the genie.

She smiles down at him. "My, my, you seem to have really gotten yourself in trouble. If I didn't decide to check up on you, that girl would have had you locked up inside her for a very long time. I still owe you that last wish and let's say it is in all of our best interests for that to happen.", she tells him.

Joe looks up at her while she going on, "Thank you for coming Jasmine. I really appreciate you finding me."

Jasmine continues without waiting for Joe to finish, "Normally you need to rub the lamp to call me back but there was no way that was going to happen, so I am going to bend the rules a bit. Now I want you to wish to grant me my freedom from that awful lamp and I will give you a free wish to make up for it."

"Wait a minute", Joe asks her, "I though you had to do what I said and grant my wish anyway. What is with all these conditions now?"

"I told you, little one", Jasmine explains, "If you don't call me by rubbing the lamp, I am not compelled to do anything for you. Of course, I could return to my lamp now and you can ask your new girlfriend to take you to the lamp and hold you up to let you rub it. I'm sure she'd be glad to help you out."

"Ok, ok", Joe responds, "You got me there. You win. What do you want me to say."

"Just say I wish Jasmine to be freed from the lamp and then you need to follow it with your wish.", Jasmine tells him.

Joe repeats the phrase, "I wish Jasmine to be free of the lamp" and then stops.

"Hurry, say your wish too. You only have a moment", Jasmine say hurriedly, "as she start to fade."

Joe is rush as blurts out.....

Your choices:

  1. "I wish to be big again"
  2. "I wish to be far away from this girl's room"

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