You Break Free From Kerie

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By: northgate

After a few hours, you come loose and break free from Kerie's dried cum and make your way out hoping to possibly escape this sexy mistress. However, she feels you and as you near the exit, her fingerstips grab at you and fish you out from her pussy. She carries you over to a small bowl of cool water and drops you in to clean you off. The water feels so good as you soak in it to remove her cum and smell from your body but the pleasure is short lived as she plucks you from the bowl as set you in her warm palm and brings you up to her face.

She lightly blows on you to dry you off and you figure this is your only chance to communicate with this giantess. She can't hear your voice unless you were close to her ear but she can see you and you get on your hands and knees like you are praying to her hoping to get her attention. She looks at you and coos, "Isn't that cute. I am a Goddess to my little toy man."

You hear her and now signal to her by shouting and pointing at your ear to get her to bring you to her ear to listen to you. She gets the message and smiles, "You are such a cute little man. You want to talk to me. OK" and she raises her palm to her ear to hear you.

You finally have an opportunity and you say, "Please, please do not put me back down there. I can't take it. If you help me, I will give you riches beyong your wildest dreams. You just need to help me get big again."

You feel her palm move back to her face and she says, "That is a very generous offer but I would lose my tiny lover and I am happy with things as they are now." Her lips close in and she gives you a kiss across your entire body. "Now you need to learn that this is your new life and get used to it unless you want to visit my beautiful butt tonight."

You get back down on your knees prays but her fingertips grab you up and lower you back down to her awaiting pussy. She slips you back into her clit ring and dresses leaving you trapped again. You hear her say, "Now get to work, my little lover or there will be hell to pay tonight." as she leaves to join the other girls.

You ...

Your choices:

  1. obey by playing and kissing her swollen clit
  2. hang there are ignore her.

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