After Dinner - Kerie is not Pleased with Joe

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By: northgate

Kerie retrieves to a private room after dinner and removes Joe from her clit ring and hold him up to her face. "I place you in my most precious spot for you to pleasure me and all you do is hang there like a lazy shit. You need to worship me for I am your world now. Things can be a lot worse than spending time next to my precious pussy. How would you like to go up my ass and say there until the next time I relieve myself. Would you like that better?"

"No, please", you wail, "I'll do better next time." You wish you could escape this beautiful giantess but you are so small and she is clever enough not to give you an opportunity.

"I will show you mercy, little one", she tells you, "but next time you'll go to my lovely ass for the day. However today, I will give you a chance to redeem yourself. I will plunge you deep inside me where you will caress and kiss the walls of my innermost womanhood. I will even give you a chance to prepare and relax first."

She carries you over to small table where there is a bowl of water that she uses to wash her hands and face. Then she picks you up and drops you in the water which is much deeper than you can stand in. You start treading water and she turns to prepare for sleep. "Now freshen uo, little man because you don't have much time."

You are thirsty but the water has a soapy taste that you spit out and move to floating on your back in the water to relax. However, your time to relax is short lived as she grabs you up again and takes you to the bed where she sits down and uses her other hand to spread her pussy lips wide and you shudder as the hand you are in slowly approaches the gaping hole. She plunges you deep into her using her index finger to push you as far in as possible. Her finger quickly retreats and you are left in darkness. You quickly realize that not only is it dark, It very disorienting and very hot. As she move around preparing for sleep, you are thrown around inside her. There seems to be no floor or anything to hold onto in here and you crash against the soft walls until she finally lays down and settles in.

You hear her voice as she speaks and it sounds like she is all around you. "Comfy in there? Now get to work or you'll be in there until I'm staisfied with your performance."

You don't want to be there for one more minute than necessary so you start working on her the best you can, kissing and rubbing the walls of her vagina. You think she is pleased by her reaction as she moans in response but then you have a bigger problem and as the wetness inside her in building up and it is even more slippery inside and you fall into puddles of the stuff which the movement only excites her more. Finally she is satisfied and you sense she has fallen asleep with you still trapped inside. You find a place where you can rest for the night in a minimal amount of her cum.

You fall asleep and in the morning you awaken to find you prison has dried but you are stuck to the walls. You hear here call to you to come out but you can't break free. You finger comes probing in for you but it don't reach where you are. She tell you to rub her walls if you are still there and you comply. You yell out but she doesn't hear your tiny voice. "OK, little guy. If you like it in there you can stay but you need to come out in a little while.", she tells you as she dresses and goes to get some breakfast.

Your confines spin around as she moves but you are held in place. When she stand up you are suspended in the air attached to wall but it is better than beeing flung around. Finally after a couple hours, ....

Your choices:

  1. you break free
  2. you stay stuck inside her

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