Joe is Spotted before he Escapes

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By: northgate

Joe starts to run for the exit when he hears a girl scream, "Ewwww, an ugly bug is in here". The two other girls including your blond friend spin to see what is happening. The blond gets out of the bath wet and naked and immediately lunges for you and grabs you up. She closes you up in her fist as he hears a girl say, "Ewwwwwww Kerie, you picked up the bug."

Kerie slips on a heavy robe that is hanging nearby and drops you in the pocket. She turns to the girls and says "Well none of you were going to do anything, were you?". She leaves and returns to her private quarters and extracts Joe from the robe and holds him in the palm of her hand. He looks at her and the robe is open exposing her bare chest and he is aroused. Kerie can see he is hard and smiles at his reaction to her. "I see I still have an effect on you", she says as she uses the tip of her little finger to brush against his manhood. "That is good because you'll need all of your passion to satisfy me." She takes her wet hair and wrings it out over him. "Drink all you can little one because it will be a long time till you get anymore."

She laughs as he tries to drink the water in the palm of her hand. When he is finished she plucks him from her palm between her fingertips and maneuvers him back down and through her clit ring. "there you are back where you belong", she sighs as she pushes him in and then puts on a pair of undergarments. "I will never allow you to escape again", she tells him as she finishes drying off and dressing.

"I hear we are having wine with dinner.", she says, "If you do a good job down there maybe I'll take you out and let you have a little swim in my glass.". She gives you a poke and says, "Now get to work and I want kisses too." Joe quickly complies and starts to play with her as she leaves for dinner.

Your choices:

  1. After Dinner - Joe did a good job
  2. After Dinner - Kerie is not pleased with Joe's performance

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