Escape from the Blond's Slipper

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By: northgate

Joe is jammed in her slipper and crushed between her first two toes but somehow is is unaware of his presence. She realizes he is missing and spends a good part of the day looking for him so she can punish him for running away and put him back to work entertaining her. By the end of the afternoon she begins to realize that he has escaped and she goes to lounge around with the other girls before supper.

After dinner, she decides to take an evening bath with a few of the other girls and she enters the bath area and removes her robes and slippers giving them a kick out of the way before entering the baths. The slipper lands on its side and Joe could climb out to freedom. He knows it could be dangerous sneaking around in the open but he is pretty small and the girls are occupied. Also, he's not sure of the way out of here and back to the harem.

He climbs out and heads for the wall to hide as best he can and make it to the nearest door. He is careful as he tries to escape and ....

Your choices:

  1. he makes it to a doorway
  2. he is spotted by one of the girls getting out of the baths

Retrieved September 13, 2016