The Blond Giantess Takes you to Class

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By: northgate

You are trapped back inside her nether region and although it has been less that I week it feels like an eternity of torture. She goes to a class being taught by another girl you guess is the senior girl in the harem. She is telling them ways to satisfy the sultan if they are lucky enough to be bedded by him. The girls giggle at the lesson and your captor gets horny from all this talking and keeps tapping you to signal you to keep going throughout the class.

Another girl comes over when they take a break from the lecture and asks her if she has an itch down there because she better get it treated before she is before the sultan. She laughs it off and says it's nothing and she is fine now. A third girl joins the conversation and you learn that your captor's name is Kerie and that she is relatively new and hasn't been bedded by the sultan yet. You listen as the third girl tells them that the sultan is not in the castle and hasn't been seen in days. They think he rode off at night with a small party to go hunting which is the only logical explanation these girls can come up with. In the meantime they have a break from needing to entertain him.

When the class is over Kerie returns to her small quarters and removes you from her clit ring. She cleans you off and gives you food and water. She smiles down at you as you eat and says, "They think you left the palace. No one suspects that that tiny creature on Abree's nipple a few days ago was the actual sultan. Now there is no reason I can't keep you as my tiny pet forever."

"Please", you yell up at her, "You need to help me get big again. I will give you anything. I will make you my Sultana and we can rule together. Please help me."

She smiles and picks you up between her fingertips and up to her face. "A tempting offer, tiny one, but how do I know you will not double cross me and put me to death for my indiscretions. Maybe some day when I can trust you, but for now I think I like you right nice and close making me feel good." She lowers you back down into her ring and dresses for the remainder of her day. She returns to her lessons from earlier that day with you safety concealed.

Your choices:

  1. The lesson involves an unexpected practice session
  2. She takes you out at bedtime for some play

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