Awaken by a Blond Giantess

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By: northgate

You awaken to water hitting you and you realize it is your giant blond mistress dangling her wet hair over you to wake you up. You see that she has been up and has bathed. She takes you from the locket to a small bowl of soapy water and drops you in for your own bath while she finishes drying off and brushing her hair. You watch her you you think she would be the perfect girl for you if you were normal sized but instead you are nothing more than a toy to her.

She comes back to you and picks you up and drys you taking you over to her bed. She sits down and sets you astride her firm nipple. You grab hold of her breast afraid to you will fall to her lap far below and she lets out a soft laugh to your reaction. She plays with you there using her fingertip toying with you but careful to be gentle and not let you fall.

You try to talk to her and beg her to help you but she ignores your soft pleas more interested in watching you struggling on her nipple. Your weight and movement feels good to her. She continues this until she hears a call for the girls to assemble. She quickly lifts you off and her hand takes you back down to her nether region. "Play time is over. I hope you enjoyed yourself because I know I did.", she says as she slips you back through her clit ring. "Now it is back to work for my little man", she says as she dresses herself and goes out to join the rest of the harem.

Your choices:

  1. She goes for instruction in belly dancing
  2. She goes for instruction for sexual pleasing the sultan

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