She feels something in her shoe

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By: northgate

She feels you immediately and takes her shoe off and holds it up causing you to go tumbling back to the heel of the shoe and into her view. She shakes the shoe and you land in her palm. She lifts her hand to her face and you tremble in front og her massive beautiful face. "You are a bad little boy running away like that she tells you shaking her finger at you. "I guess I'll need someplace to lock you up at night, but for right now you need to go back to where you belong." She opens her pussy lips and seals you back inside in her clit ring leaving you trapped for another day your only interaction being when she taps you for entertainment or when she checks on you in the bathroom. After lunch she takes you out for a food and water break but you are quickly put back in your prison.

When she is getting ready for bed, she again removes you and provides you a few food scraps and water and you are overjoyed that she at least is thinking to bring you something and you try to thank her but you are too small for her to hear you without getting close to you. However, you soon realize she is not going to be kind to you or give you another opportunity to escape when she brings over a gold locket on a chain. She opens it and you see it is heart shaped and the design has a small design on both sides that is actual cut out in the metal. She picks you up and drops you inside and latches it shut. She places the necklace around her neck leaving you dangling down inside the locket just above her breasts. You are able to stand on your toes and see out through the metal design but I moment later she lays down on her back and all you can see is the ceiling.

You settle in and think this is still better than being inside her when suddenly she rolls onto her stomach and the locket land between her breasts and the bed and you are trapped in the heat of her body with little air to breath. You lay back and hope you don't suffocate during the night.

The next morning ....

Your choices:

  1. She wakes you up
  2. You didn't make it through the night

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