Joe's Attempts Escapes From a Giant Blond

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By: northgate

After three days and night inside this girl Joe is getting desperate when an opportunity arises. While she is sleeping she changes positions and Joe find he is able to free himself from her clit ring. He carefully slides his body out to avoid awakening her and pushes his way out to freedom on her bed. He looks up at her and remembers that although he is free he is really small and has no idea where the lamp and the genie are. He is able to use the bedding to climb down to the floor but things look even more daunting and it is dark in the harem.

Joe decides his best bet is to find a good hiding spot and when day breaks try to find the lamp or at least some help. He looks for shelter in the room and the only thing he sees is the blond girls slippers. They look comfortable and should provide shelter so he decides to lay down in side one. Unfortunately for Joe they prove too comfortable and after the days of hard labor hanging suspended in this cruel girl's pussy, he falls fast asleep.

The next morning Joe is awakened by his bed turning sideways. Apparently his blond friend woke up before him and discovered him missing and decided to look for him. She picked up the slipper unaware that he is right under her nose.

As a result of her lifting the slipper, Joe went rolling forward deep into the show and a moment later he recovers his senses to see a giant foot entering the slipper. He tries to avoid being crushed by her toe but only manages to be wedged between her first two toes. He tries to stay as still as possible...

Your choices:

  1. She feels something in her shoe
  2. She doesn't detect you all day

Retrieved September 13, 2016