Life a a Harem Girl's Sex Toy

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By: northgate

Joe realizes after being trapped for hours that this girl has no intention of releasing him from his new prison deep inside her. He struggles to extract himself from the ring but it is too tight and slippery from all of her juices coating it. He has become quite proficient at his new job as she doesn't let up through the day giving him a tap for some more simulation. From his position her clitoris is directly in front of him and although it is about half his size, he can grab at it and rub it with both his hands. He has quickly learned what spots are the most sensitive and he does fill a bit of a high that he may be tiny and insignificant but her can still satisfy this giant of a woman.

He has taken to drinking her fluids when she orgasms just to keep his stomach full although he doesn't know if this will sustain him long term. He is trapped for the day and when she finally rests for the night, she leaves him trapped within her. She uses him a few times before drifting off to sleep. He too falls asleep from the exhaustion and heat of her body.

However, rest is short lived as morning comes and she starts her day by poking him into action. She eventually dresses and goes about her day. Now Joe is convinced that she will leave him in there to satisfy her for as long as he lasts. He doesn't want to die this way but things aren't looking good and he becomes more desperate to escape. When she uses the bathroom she takes the opportunity to check on him. The cool air feels like an incredible relief and he begs for her to release him or at least give him a few hours of rest but she just smiles back at him and pets his head with her fingertip before closing her pussy over him again and sealing him inside.

Your choices:

  1. Joe's opportunity to escape arises

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