A Blond Gives Joe a new Job

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By: northgate

This beautiful blond girl picks Joe from her wine glass and holds him in the palm. SHe smiles down at him while her palm closes around him encasing him in her hot flesh. She then leaves the meal without a word and no one realizes that she's left with the tiny sultan.

When she opens her palm again, Joe looks around and sees he is in a private side room from the main harem chamber. His new friend holds him up to her face still in her palm and her hot breath washes over him as she speaks, "I have an important job that you are just the right size for. If you do a good job today, I may even reward you."

She places Joe on a table and he watches as she loosen her garments to expose her nether regions. She comes closer to the table where Joe awaits her and he is treated to an eye level level of her shaved womanhood. She is so close he can smell her wetness as she strokes the outer lips slowly and sensually in front of him. "I have something I want you to see", she tells him as pulls back the skin of her pussy to reveal a golden ring piercing just above her clitoris. "This ring is suppose to stimulate me but now I know how to enhance it to make it an ultimate tool to satisfy my desires.

Joe starts to run away across the table top but she is too fast for him and grabs him up between her fingertips and brings him closer to her womanhood. Joe howls in rpotest but her is too tiny to be heard outside of this room.

The blond slips him through the ring so he is suspended under his arms facing her. "Now I expect lots of gentle massages and tiny kisses.", she tells him as she release the her skin and it closes over him leaving him in darkness. She redresses and gives him a firm poke with her index finger. "Get to work now", she tells him.

Joe feels the poke which to him feels like being hit by a tree trunk and immediately gets to work reaching out and carefully stroking her swollen clitoris. The feeling is overwhelming to the blond who collapses in the bed from her feelings of ecstasy due to his ministrations. She rolls back and forth from the waves of pleasure her tiny slave is creating and she is enjoying every moment.

When she is finally satisfied she gave him another although lighter tap to stop him. He complies and is left hanging in the hope in hot darkness with the smell of her surrounding him. She runs a finger over his back. "Good job. Looks like you have the job to be my permanent slave down there. I hope the other girls don't miss you. Of course, no one will think to look inside me.", she giggles. She lies back and gives you another tap. "Back to work, I want to see if the second time is as good as the first", she tells you, "except this time I want more kisses."

Joe howls in protest but she laughs and doesn't even hear him as he starts again as pleasuring her.

Your choices:

  1. She continues to use Joe to stimulate herself
  2. Joe gets released for a break.

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