Paraded Around on a Nipple

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By: northgate

She parades around the harem showing every girl that their sultan has been reduced to less than an inch tall and is now sitting astride he nipple and stuck on with a dab of honey. Many of the girls stroke the tiny sultan's body careful not to knock him off. This goes on for well over an hour until it is time for their evening meal. They all go to a communal table and the other girls give her a hard time about being at the table topless and insist that she take him off her breast before the slave girls come in to serve them.

She relents and pulls him off her nipple and gives him some long sensual licks with her tongue to clean him off before setting him down on the table. As soon as he is set down Joe goes running across the table to get away from his girl as fast as possible. He needs to get back the main harem room and the lamp. However, he doesn't get to far when a blond snatches him up in between her fingertips and drops him into her glass wine goblet.

He tries to scale the side but without any luck. Just as things look like it can't get worse a serving girl comes by and without looking in the goblet pours in a dark red wine. The sudden action of the pour throws Joe around and he ends up swallowing mouthfuls of wine. The blond delights in watching the tiny man struggle and once he gets his bearings and is floating on the surface she takes the goblet and swirls it before sipping from the glass cause Joe to swallow even more. She continue to play a game of slowly drinking from the glass while Joe struggles to avoid her mouth.

Then she decides to ...

Your choices:

  1. finish her wine and Joe
  2. pick Joe out of her wine glass.

Retrieved September 13, 2016