Escape from Under the Table

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By: northgate

Joe will try and escape from under the table. He thins to himself that you are so small they'll never notice him as they're to busy eating a snack. Joe slowly make his way along the one girl's leg which will lead him in a direction away from the main area of the room and some possible places to hide. At this size this trip will take a long time but he's optimistic.

As Joe passes the one girl's foot, he notices how massive it is in comparison to himself. He hesitates there before continuing the trek and his thoughts wander to his present size. He realizes he must be less than an inch tall and even her toes are bigger than him. Joe looks at the amount of open space he'll need to cover to get to the next safe spot and he starts out again.

He doesn't get to far when a shadow falls over him and before he can react he is scooped up between two large white hard shovels which he quickly realizes are the long nails attached to a thumb and index finger. A moment later he is dumped into a waiting palm. He gains his bearing and turns to be faced with a massive smiling face of one of the harem girls that was sitting at the table. Her huge dark eyes examine him closely not sure at first what he is. He can feel another presence and turns to see her friend has come closer to see him too.

There is no where to run to and Joe tries to communicate to these giantesses but they ignore him. He watches as his captor loosens her garments and reveals her enormous breast. At his normal size he would have found this a perfect specimen but now the size is bigger than he could imagine. She takes her finger and dips it in a substance in a small bowl on the table and rubs it around her nipple causing it to enlarge and become erect.

Joe can't figure why she is giving him this free show but he doesn't mind. She slowly licks her finger cleaning off whatever residue remains. Joe quickly understands what is going on as her fingertip descend on him again. He tries to resist but it is hopeless against her massive fingers the size of tree trunks to him. He watches in horror as she lowers him onto her nipple that she was just playing with and sets him astride it. She lets go and he immediately tries to grab hold so not to fall off but as soon as he does this he realizes his folly. Her nipple was covered in honey and now he was stuck to her.

She smiles down and him and her friend gives out a restrained giggle at the sight of a tiny man stuck to her friends nipple. Your captor now decides to ...

Your choices:

  1. parade around the harem topless to show off her new nipple ornament
  2. let her friend have a taste of honey

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