The Harem Returns

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By: northgate

Joe is amazed by his new perspective and he can't wait to see his beautiful harem parade back in as giantesses. He finds a hiding spot under a low table so he won't be accidentally stepped on and waits for their return.

It isn't too long before Joe is startled by the sound of twenty giantesses coming back into the main chambers. It feels like an earthquake to him as they enter the room. The table is near the entrance and he sees each one of them towering far above him. They are huge and even the smallest is at least 50 times bigger than him. As he watches them come in they spread out in different directions and he tries to decide which one he wants to follow and see more of but two things happen before he can decide.

First he is watching one of the girls picks up the lamp and places it on a shelf on a nearby wall. She was probably only thinking about keeping the floor clear so no one would step on it or trip over it but this would make his escape much more problematic. Then things get even more complicated as two girls decide to sit on pillows around the table that he's hiding under. The one girl sits cross-legged on the pillows and her bare feet come under the table within inches of him. The other way is blocked by the second girl who sits on the floor leaning on the pillow and stretching out her legs to her side. There apparently was a fruit bowl on the table and the girls stopped for a snack unaware that their sultan is trapped at their feet.

Do you ....

Your choices:

  1. try and get their attention for help.
  2. try to escape from under the table.

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