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By: northgate

At his command, the beauties all stand up and begin to leave the room. Most of them look quite disappointed as they leave. Joe watched the redhead, whose ass was now naked, walk out of the room. What an ass, Joe thinks to himself and says, "Girls you may return in thirty minutes".

Once they were all gone and Joe is alone, he drops the panties to the floor and blows on the lamp again.

The sexy genie Jasmine appeared once again and ask him for his second wish.

"I wish I was the size of an insect" wished Joe.

Jasmine had a puzzled look on her face, proceeded with granting the wish and then quickly disappeared backed in her lamp.

For Joe everything went black for a fraction of a second but once his eyes adjusted he could see the world was a much different place...

The lamp stood in front of him and was now huge compared to him. He figured he couldn't be more than an inch tall. In front of him, This was amazing! It was his fantasy come true. Around him, the pillows of this chamber soared high like skyscrapers and the ceiling was now like the sky to him.

Joe was disappointed that he didn't get to see Jasmine from his new vantage point. She would have look unbelievable. However, this was not his immediate objective. He turned back and walked onto the thong. From his perceptive, the tiny peice of underwear was many times his size. He walked up and stood on the crotch of this thong and looked around. "This is amazing", he thought, "I am no more than the size of a bug in the panties of my slave. He started masturbating himself against the fabric. In no time he had left his massive load on her gigantic thong which would probably not even be noticed when she gets them back.

He sat back on the thong and relaxed deciding what he would do next.

Your choices:

  1. Wait for the harem to return
  2. Wish to grow back

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