Joe Check Out His Harem

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By: northgate

"I wish to become a sultan of a kingdom with a palace and a harem of the most beautiful women" responded Joe without any hesitation.

All of a sudden, he is transformed from his normal 5'6'' height to a 6'2'' muscular man, the sultan of a magnificent kingdom. In front of him, appears a large palace rising hundreds of meters high.

"Do you want to see inside?", Jasmine asks at which Joe nods enthusiastically.

Jasmine blinks and they are transports instantly into the main room of the harem and twenty of the most beautiful girls of the world surround him begging for an audience.

Joe surveys these beauties all wearing sexy silk lingerie. Is is even better than when Joe got a hold of a copy of a Victoria's Secret catalog and ogle the girls in the lingerie section. He can not really get a good look at their faces since they are all now looking at the ground in respect to him. He focuses on their beautiful asses instead. He can feel that they are aroused by his very presence.

Taking advantage of the situation, he asks the redhead nearest to him to remove her black thong.

She stands up and seductively remove the thong, slowly moving her hips from left to right. Once she is done, she steps back and kneel down. However, contrary to the others, she kept looking up.

Joe picks up the thong, brings it to his face and smells them like he was smelling the most delicate perfume. The redhead has a look of confusion at this powerful sultan's actions. He thinks about masturbating with the thong like he did with the lingerie catalog but then he has a better idea...

Your choices:

  1. Joe asks the harem to leave
  2. Joe decides to have fun with the redhead

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