The Blond's punishment

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By: northgate

You grab the skin inside her and start twisting it around and around knowing that eventually she'll feel it and hopefully it will be painful and get her attention. Your plan works as she quickly excuses herself from the rest of the harem and exits to a private sleeping area where she extracts you. "You are a very bad boy", she tells you obviously not happy with what you just did. "You need to learn to treat my body like a temple and I will need to punish you so you will learn a lesson."

She takes a thread and carefully ties you up leaving you suspended upside down by your ankles. She then takes a cup of water and slowly lowers you down until you are submerged in the water. Being totally tied up you are helpless to do anything but hold your breath. She leaves you underwater for a while until you think your lungs are going to explode before she lifts you out and hold you up to her face. "So my little sultan, do you now understand who is in charge now. Otherwise, I can do much worse to you. You nod yes and she smiles.

She takes you to a hook in the room and wraps the thread around leaving you suspended upside down. You are just glad the dunking is over but then you realize how uncomfortable this will be. She looks at you hanging and tells you, "I'll be back in a little while. Now try and stay out of trouble. Maybe tomorrow I'll take you down and let you make up with me"
You are left hanging as she leaves the room.

Your choices:

  1. The next morning ...

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