Escape the Blond Giantess

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By: northgate

You turn and run toward the end of the bed while she is lying back and not watching you but you are too slow and she sits up to see what you are doing and sees you fleeing. She bends her legs to bring her soles together and you see it just as they impact you, two walls of flesh crashing into you and stopping your escape.

"What a naughty little slave you are", she exclaims as she squeezes you between her soles, "I gave you an order and you decided to run away. Now I need to punish you. She releases you from between her feet but as soon as you get your bearing and stand up she slams them together again. "This is fun", she tells you. She releases you again but this time you just lie there defeated. "Come on and get up" she orders you, "I want to hear an apology". You stand up and face her and say, "I'm sorry...", but she cuts you off by slamming her feet together again. "I can't help it", she laughs as she squeezes you. She releases you again and you collapse lying on your side. "Come on get up and apologize. I'm done screwing with you". You slowly get up beaten down from her feet and she brings them together again this time the force almost knocks you unconscious. "You are so frickin' gullible", she laughs as she gets up leaving you lying in the bed unable to move.

She goes over t a side table and sees a bottle of wine that has been opened and left for you and she pours herself a glass. "so nice of you to have wine for me", she giggles and returns to sit on the edge of the bed next to you. She picks you up by the legs between her thumb and middle finger and dangles you in front of her face. "Now for that punishment. What shall I do to you?"

I thought that was my punishment. It certainly felt like it", you respond dangling like a toy between her fingertips.

"Oh No", she tells you, "That was just a reminder of who's the boss now. Your punishment has to be something you'll remember for a long time." Her index finger rubs the bottom of your foot. "Maybe I should break this teeny tiny ankle? That would keep you from running again. Hmmmm, I have an idea that might be more fun so I won't break you this time but next time I will do it. I promise you. Now let's toast our new relationship. I am the goddess with your life in the palm of my hand and you are my little personal slave". She takes a drink of the wine and then holds you over the glass. "You're turn to drink to me.", she tells you are she lowers you into the liquid and keeping you submerged. "I don't see my slave drinking to me. Come on drink up." She holds you there smiling with self-satisfaction for a long time before pull you out. You are coughing and sputtering. "Don't be a baby. Have another drink and she repeats it again and again until your head is spinning from swallowing wine upside down.

"OK", she tells you as you recover from your third dunking, "Now it's time for a little game and if you play well, I'll forgive you for running away but if you don't play well you'll be spending the night swimming in wine." She places you on the floor by her bare feet. "The game is simple. You run and I try and step on you. I'll give you a head start of ten seconds. Now run!". You take off running for the door which is wide enough at the bottom for you to slip through as she counts off slowly to ten. You are about half way there when you hear her say, "Here I come" You only get a few steps when her big toe hits you are you are knocked to the ground on your back. "Too easy", she says as you watch as her sole descends on you covering you. "I could squish you right now but I'll give you another chance.", she says as she removes her foot, "Now run!" You take off again headed for the door but just as you are inches away her foot descends on you again but this time she grabs you around the waist between first two toes.

"Where do you think you're going?", she laughs as she walks back to the bed on her heel keeping you trapped between her toes. She sits on the bed and release you so you fall to the floor next to her foot. "Now that was a bad performance but at least you tried so I'll go easy on you. Kiss each of my beautiful toes and I want you to compliment each with something different." She tilts her foot back and wriggles her toes in your face. "Now!" You do as she orders and she laughs at how silly you look. When you finish she picks you up and deposits you on the table that also has a jewelry box that you know has a variety of long gold chains. "Now you behave while I go wash and change into something more comfortable. You still owe me those kisses on my sweet pussy.", she tells you as she goes to an adjoining room.

You immediately go over the jewelry box to get to the ring and struggle to get it open. If you can join the chains you can climb down and escape from this girl. You .....

Your choices:

  1. succeed in opening it
  2. fail in opening it

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