Pleasure your Giantess Mistress

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By: northgate

You know that running is useless in here. She owns you for now and you'll have to bide your time to escape. You approach her pussy and begin to massage it with your hands. "Deeper", she orders and you comply plunging your arms into the wet hot flesh. "Higher, deeper", she continues until you find a spot and feel a sudden shudder through her body and she says, "That's it. Now kiss it like there is no tomorrow"

You hesitate and her fingers descend on you and shove your head inside her next to the spot you were rubbing. "Do I have to do everything myself", she rumbles from above. "I expect you to find that spot and get in there on your own next time."

You lick and kiss her g-spot as she continues to shudder over and over from your touch. She keeps you in there for what seems like forever but just when you think she is done, she is just getting started as she extracts you for a moment only to reinsert you deep in to vagina and pump you in an dout like your her dildo.

When she is finally done that treatment and lies back spent, you have to slowly extricate yourself from her covered in her fluids. You make it outside and collapse in a heap between her thighs unaware of any danger. She is basking in the afterglow of a new kind of sexual experience for her with her little slave and she is unaware that you are lying so close. You try to stand but just then she soaks in the felling again and slams her thighs together encasing you in her hot flesh. You are unable to breath and think you are going to die and you go unconscious.

You wake up being rinsed off by the blond in a bowl of cool water in your quarters, She is relieved to see you wake up but quickly forgets she almost sufficated you between her thighs. "That was so good.", she tells you, "Now you need to learn to do that without my help. Are you ready to try again"

You look up at her. "You almost killed me with that. I can't do that everyday. I need to rest in between"

"OK, fine" she replies, "I'll keep it to no more than three times a day and I'll watch out for you afterward."

She carries you over to one of your jewelry boxes and empties it out. She places you inside and lies you down on the velvet interior. "Now you can rest until I'm ready for you again.", she tells you as she closes the heavy lid leaving you in darkness. You press on the lid with tiny legs and arms but it is hopeless. You lie there and cry yourself to sleep reduced to nothing more than a sex toy for a harem girl.

Your choices:

  1. The next morning

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