Another Night with a Horny Blond Giantess

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By: northgate

You listen as she goes about her business and you wait her out. Eventually it gets late and you hear her leave the harem chambers and tell a guard that she has been instructed to go to the sultan's chambers. Apparently this is not unusual and he escorts her back to your royal chambers. Once inside and in the privacy of your inner bedchambers does she extricate you from her pussy.

She smiles down at your spent tiny body lying in her palm. "Why should I spend the night in my small quarters when we can be togerher in these beautiful chambers with everything we need right here are my fingertips. Also, we wouldn't want the other girls to find out about you. If that happen they would all want a turn with you." She places you on a table and watches you as she slowly gets undressed in front of you.

It is quite a show and you get a hard-on watching her which she sees. She comes over and uses the edge of her fingernail to stroke your member. "You can't do this", you tell her but she laughs and gives you a push with her index finger knocking you over.

"Apparently, I can and will do whatever I please with you. Now today was a demonstration of my power over you. I am sure you understand I can do far worse to you. Tonight, it is time you learn to satisfy me and the fine art of pleasuring a woman. You will become very good at this if you sre to be my personal pussy slave.", she tells you as she picks you back up between her finger tips and carries you to the bed. She lies back and hold you up near her face. "Tonight you will learn how to pleasure my most sensitive spot with your tiny hands and tongue."

She drops you between her thighs and in front of her shaved pussy and you can already feel the warmth coming off it. "Now get to work"

You get one look at your destination and decide ...

Your choices:

  1. to obey her for now.
  2. run while you can.

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