The Blond takes you Back to the Harem

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By: northgate

She smiles down at you in the palm of her hand and tells you that you're going to be her personal pussy slave.

Now although you are naked and tiny and in the palm of her hand you are still in charge around here and you let her know it. You say. "Now look here young lady. I am still the sultan and still in charge here. Now you will put me down before I decide to punish you for even making a suggestion like that."

She closes her palm encasing you in her fist and giggles at you. "You are funny so little and giving orders. It's cute. You may still be the sultan but you aren't in charge here. I am. You forget that no outside of this room knows you are tiny and I plan to keep it that way. Now I need to hide you and take you back to my room."

She looks around the room and thinks aloud, "Now how will I hide you?"

She stops and laughs, "Of course. I'll hide you in the best place in know. Now you better behave or I will punish you."

You see that she is going to put you back inside herself. You struggle but it is no use as you are shoved back into her still wet pussy. She fixes herself so you can't work yourself out. You can heard her leave and return to the harem. She stops to partake in a meal with her fellow harem girls who ask her about her time with you. She continues to eat and chat and ignores you trapped inside her.

You decide ...

Your choices:

  1. to wait her out
  2. pull on the inside of her pussy to get her attention

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