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By: northgate

You climb up her leg and survey her naked body. You spy her naked crotch and climb on top of her closely trimmed bush. She see what you are doing and spreads her legs apart. She lifts her bottom a inch or so off the bed and comes down with a little shake that sends you tumbling down to the bed between her thighs. You regain your bearings and see you are surrounded on each side by the walls formed by her thighs which are taller than you. In front of you is her exposed pussy. You rush forward and stroke it making her shiver. You love the reaction and get to work using both arms to spread her lips and probe her deeper. She shakes from your touch and you keep it up going deeper until you are up to your shoulder.

You can feel her getting moist and she purrs, "Deeper, deeper!". You withdraw one arm so you can plunge the other one deeper but she still isn't satisfied and continues to moan for more.

You are getting messy from how wet she is and you withdraw for a moment but she isn't done with you. Her hand comes down and grabs your tiny body. Without hesitation she plunges you headfirst into herself and pumps you in and out. It iss unbearably hot and the air is stale as she keeps this up not letting go of you.

When she finally does stop, you are deep inside her and you feel her legs come together trapping you inside and her muscles contract squeezing you. You want to move but you can't go forward and backing out is blocked. You are soaking wet and you panic just wanting to get out. You're thinking she'll never release you just when the pressure lets up and you feel her fingers fishing you out to the fresh cooler air outside of her.

She carries you over to a bowl of fresh water to clean you off. She quickly strips your soiled robes off and washes you in the water. You are too exhausted to complain about this treatment as if complaining would even do any good. She lets you soak in the bowl for a few moments while she redresses. When she returns she lifts you out and dries you off.

She smiles down at you all clean and naked in the palm of her hand and tells you ....

Your choices:

  1. she's keeping you as her pussy slave.
  2. she wants to share you with her friend.

Retrieved September 13, 2016