Hasna's Revenge

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By: northgate

She drops on the floor at the foot of the bed while she sits on the edge of the bed looking down at you. You are unsure what she wants and decide to run away from her as fast as you can. You don't get more than a few inches when her bare foot slams down on you. You fall to your back and your face is ground against her sole. "Wrong move, tiny", she growls. as she moves her foot back and forth making it worse before she removes her foot from you. "You have no idea how hard it was not to crush you right there. Now lets try again."

You lie there for a moment in front of her foot. This time you try the opposite, kneeling down at her foot and kissing her big toe while saying, "Please forgive me for everything I did to you. You watch at her toes rise up over you and slam you down again this time face first. :You will never touch your goddess' body unless I tell you to, you worm." Let's try again.

This time you know all the tricks and you approach her again and kneel before her foot. "Hasna, please forgive me for everything that I have done to you." This time her foot pulls back and she kicks you sending you flying back onto your back before her foot comes down again grinding her toes in her face. "How dare you use my name. I am your goddess and you should only refer to me as such. I am starting to think you like being under my foot. Your insolence makes me so angry that you must be punished."

"This isn't punishment enough?", you think as she removes her foot and picks you up between her fingers and carries you over to a dressing table where she drops you down. She sits in front of the table on a chair and produces a piece of rawhide leather that is about the width of a shoelace.

"Let's see how this works", she asks herself as she uses her finger to knock you to your knees and brings the rawhide down like a whip across your back. You yell from the pain and she just laughs and says "Perfect" as she bring the whip down on you over and over until you pass out from the pain.

When you wake up, you find yourself tied up with the rawhide and you struggle but can't get free. Eventually Hasna returns and she has a pitcher of water that she sets down next to you. "Please goddess, I'll do anything you want. I'll be anything you want.", you plead with her.

She laughs at your pleas. "When I plead with you like that you laughed at me and told me that I was only saying that to get you to stop your torture. Now I think you are only saying this to get me to stop. Aren't you?" She produces a long glass tube that is about twice your height and drops you in feet first. She hold it up to her face and smiles at you trapped inside.

"No No, I mean it", you beg, "I am all your to do as you wish. I belong to you." you tell her pleading with her to release you.

"I don't believe you", she replies as she pours water from the pitcher into the glass tube until it is right at your mouth. "Have a drink, worm", she tells you, "This is the most kindness you will see from me."

You look up and see her place a cork in the top of the glass tube and watch in horror as she slowly turns the tube over and you and the water slide to the bottom placing you upside down submerged under water. You hold your breath but your lungs burn as you run out of air. Finally she turns the tube back up setting you right and letting you get air. You cough and sputter as you try to catch your breath.

"This is great" she says as she slowly rotates the glass between her fingers almost drowning you multiple times. I wish I could make this whole thing smaller and wear you around my neck like a pendent playing with you all day long. I would never get bored with you." Just then a bell rings and she says, "It is time for our meal. You can stay here until I am done. She places the glass tube on the table and gives it a push letting it roll. "Let see how fate treats you it you will live or die." The tube stops rolling when it reaches a small box on the table and you are on your back with the water pooling around you. "Looks like your lucky day", she says as she leaves for her meal.

You lie there miserable afraid of what she may come up with next to break you. You are willing to do anything to get this torture to stop. After a while you see someone enter the room. It is ...

Your choices:

  1. Hasna
  2. The blond from earlier

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