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By: northgate

She carries you to a private room and sets you down on a bed. You think you'll never get any rest or relief from these harem girls. You watch as she removes her outer robe and you see her muscular and toned arms and legs. She stands over you sneering down at you, "What's the matter little sultan? You don't remember me, Hasna? Or perhaps you'd like to forget given our current circumstances? You have to overpower every woman you bed but you couldn't break me. I could outlast you every time so instead you tried to break me like one of your stallions. It took me a long time in the harem to recover from what you did to me but now I am even stronger than before. Well, now little sultan, it's payback time.

She stood over the bed looking down at you, "I want to see your puny little body. Strip for me. NOW!", she roars at you and you quickly comply scared of this woman and her thirst for revenge. She laughs at your naked body, "This is going to be even better than I imagined." She kneels down on the floor next to the bed but still towers over you. "I'll go easy on you. You only have to wrestle my little finger and I'll even use my left hand. If you can pin it to the ground for 1ten seconds, I'll let you go. But if you lose, I will do whatever I want with you. Deal?"

"What if I don't want the deal?", you ask her.

"Then I do whatever I want with you anyway", she laughs back at you. She placed her arm flat on the bed and made a fist except for her little finger which wags back and forth in front of you. "Ready? Go!", she says.

You immediately jump on her pinkie pinning it down. You shout out "1.. 2.. 3.." but she pulls it out from under you and it gives you a sharp jab in the ribs with her fingertip. You try to jump it again but this time you can't pin it and she waves it around with you hanging on. Finally you fly off across the bed.

"Awww, what's a matter. The big strong sultan can't hold down a little girl's pinkie", she sneers. You jump on it again and hold it down but before you can count off she pulls it out from under you again and it comes down on you slamming you face first into the bed. She is applying pressure with her finger to your back and you can't move. "1.. 2.. 3.. 4..", she counts off, "What's a matter not so big and powerful now. 5.. 6.. 7.. There is so much I can do to you now I won't know where to start. 8.. 9.. 10.." She lifts her finger from you and you get up and face her but she quickly levels her index finger and gives you a sharp poke in the stomach knocking you over. "You stay down till I tell you to get up"

You stay down this time and she picks you up and deposits you on her bicep which she flexes causing you to hang on. "Feel that muscle, tiny". She repositions her arm and you slide down straddling the inside of her elbow. She slowly pulls her arm up closing in on you and slowly crushing you in the joint between her arm and her forearm. "See how easily I can crush you tiny. Don't forget it.", she says as she releases the pressure and dropping you back on the bed.

She looks down at you and says, "Now I think ...

Your choices:

  1. you owe my some sexual satisfaction from our last meeting."
  2. it is time I break you like you did to me."

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