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By: northgate

Hansa orders you to tell her where the lamp is hidden but you stay silent outraging her. She takes you from the bowl and drops you on the table top. "Tell me now or I will beat it out of you", she yells at you

"No", is all you reply. She brings her hand down and flicks her finger at you which sends you flying across the table like you were hit by a car.

She grabs you up by a leg and dangles you in front of her face, "Tell me now or I will drop you", she roars.

You refuse to speak and she lets go and you fall through the air and you are sure you are done for but you land on a soft pillow that breaks your fall. Her barefoot kicks the pillow and you go rolling off to the floor. "This is your last chance. Tell me where you hid the lamp.", she says and stomps her foot down next to you to emphasize her point.

"Screw you bitch", you yell up at her enraging her even more and she kicks you with her foot send you flying through the air and straight into a wall that you hit with full force. You fall to the hard floor below so if the first impact didn't kill you the second one certainly did. You are dead.

Hasna comes over and realizes what she's done. She thinks what to do next and decides to hid your body in the garbage and find the lamp herself. After all she has all the time in the world.

The End.

Retrieved September 13, 2016