Resist Hasna

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By: northgate

As bad as the torture is knowing keeping her from the lamp is the only leverage you may have from endless torture or even death. As long as she doesn't have the lamp you have a chance to stay alive and escape. You say, " I will never tell you anything you bitch".

She smiles at you and pushes you between her butt cheeks shoving your head in her anus. "See how you like that, big man", she says as she puts on a pair of underwear to keep you in place before redressing and leaving for lunch. She keeps you in there throughout the day and through dinner. You don't get a reprieve until she is done dinner and needs to relieve her bowels.

She removes you by your feet and drops in in a nearby washing bowl of water. Although it was dirty from her washing and your own body, you drink the water while she is doing her business knowing that you may have to spend another day in her horrible ass. When she is finished she comes over to you and asks, "Are you ready to give me the magic lamp."

You are broken and exhausted and want to give up but you know what may happen.

You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. try to make a deal with her.
  2. resist - You know it will be worse if she gets the lamp.

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