Refuse to Tell her Hasna Anything.

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By: northgate

You say, "I will never tell you anything you evil girl and I will punish" hoping to get her to back off.

She smiles at you and says, "Thank you. I was hoping that would be your response." and with that she brings her feet together so the soles are facing each other and she is dangles you between them. "Time for you to learn to listen to your mistress", she says as she lowers you between her feet and brings them together trapping you in between. She presses them together crushing you and laughing, "Too bad I can't hear you in there and I wouldn't even let you out if you begged me now.", she says as she lies back hold you tightly between her feet. She occasionally gives you a break loosen her hold on you so you won't pass out.

She uses her toes to play with your head and the torture is unbearable. She sits back up and looks down at you. "Don't worry. It doesn't matter what you do resist or give me the lamp. Either way you will be tortured my me you evil sultan. You will pay for what you've done to me"

She asks you if you will give her the lamp and you respond defiantly "No".

She smiles at your response. and tells you she has a special place for you to think about your situation and to realize how hopeless it is. Then she sits up and positions you wedged between her butt cheeks with you head directly in front of her butt hole. She lays back down and relaxes knowing you are securely tucked away in a horrible place.

She is right as you can't move, can barely breath and the smell is overwhelming. You wish you would pass out but you aren't that fortunate as she spends a couple hours lying there and chatting with girls who come and go. When there is no one around she extracts you and says, "Ewwww, you smell awful". She sits by the edge of the pool and places her legs in as she drops you in nearby the water shocks you back to reality.

After a few minutes she scoops you out and asks again, "Now tell me where my lamps is or you will spent an entire day in my beautiful behind."

You ...

Your choices:

  1. relent and tell her everything what she wants to know
  2. continue to resist her

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