Hasna Takes You to the Baths

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By: northgate

Hasna decides it is time for her bath and you will be joining her. She takes you to a large communal bath but there is no one there right now. She plucks you from her breasts and carelessly tosses you into the bath which to you is like falling 30 feet to the surface. "I hope you can swim", she says as she drops her robes and you get a look at her sculpted nude body. She enters the bath at the end and walks toward you. The water must be about four feet deep or less because it only comes up to her just below her breasts.

She nudged you with her right breast and you grab on to steady yourself but she plucks you off and sends you flying threw the air crashing back into the pool a few feet away. "I didn't give you permission to touch me", she roars.

You look up and see the petite blond who you originally shrunk for has entered the baths and is getting ready to enter the water too. You try to swim toward the steps where she will enter but Hasna intercepts you. "Where are you going tiny?", she asks grabbing you from the water, "We're just getting started".

Meanwhile the blond see you and comes over to you both. "Hi Hasna. I see you met my little friend.", she says.

You try to interrupt and get a word in but Hasna submerges her hand dunking you and hold you down while she speaks. "Yes, I plan to teach this little one some lessons but I wanted to freshen up first." She picks her hand up and you are coughing water.

"You should be careful, Hasna", the blond says, "He is still the sultan and when he is normal size he may punish us."

Hasna looks with disdain at this weak little blond scared of a four inch man. "Is it true his genie made him little?", she asks the blond who nods yes. "Then as long as we deprive him of his precious genie, he is our to do as we want. I need to teach him his place in this harem ... that he is nothing more than a toy to amuse us."

Hasna raises you to her face. "Isn't that right, tiny? You are nothing more than our toy?"

You look in her eyes and feel real fear as she stares at you intently. Suddenly you feel her squeezing you. "Answer me !", she demands.

"Yes", you respond.

She squeezes you again. "Yes, who and what. I want to hear you.", she demands.

"Yes, mistress. I am your toy.", you reply afraid she will crush you right there.

Hasna looks back at the blond. "Don't be afraid of little things that can't hurt you", she sneers as she turns to leave the bath and dry off.

She drops you on a nearby chaise as she finishes toweling down. Then she sits down so you are between her massive muscular thighs and looking at her pussy. "Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way", she tells you, "Tell me where you left the genie lamp and I will go easy on you. If you don't tell me right now and I torture you and that little dunking will seem like nothing."

You ...

Your choices:

  1. tell her where you left the lamp.
  2. refuse to tell her anything.

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