Meet a New Girl at Breakfast

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By: northgate

You hang through the night afraid of what this girl may do to you if you call out. Eventually you pass out from exhaustion but it isn't much later when you as waken by the Chinese girl pinching you. "Wake uo! How dare you sleep when I am waiting.", she yells at you striking you and sending you flying through the air on the silk ribbon. You swing back and forth as she watches you. "You have no idea how much I want to kill you slowly and painfully right now but the harem would never forgive me for that.", she tells you.

You just want to get away from her and you beg and apologize for anything you may have done to her or her family. She just sneers at you as she unties you and drops you to the floor by her barefoot. "On your hands and knees and beg, worm", she orders and you quickly comply.

She grabs you up in her fist and squeezes so tight you can barely breathe. "I know what I'll do to you", she smiles as she carries you out to the common area where the harem girls are enjoying a breakfast. She sits down with them and turns to the girl next to her. She is a tall muscular girl with dark toned skin and features like she is from the Mediterranean region. You Chinese captor drops you next to the plate of this girl and says, "I have a present for you. He told me that no girl can exhaust his sexual prowess. Do you think it's true now that the mighty lion has been reduced to a mouse?" They both laughed and this new girl picks you up and stuffs you in her top between her enormous breasts. "We will see". she answers as she exits for a more private place.

You look out and see she is taking you to

Your choices:

  1. the baths
  2. private sleeping chambers

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