The Vengeful Chinese Girl

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By: northgate

An absolutely stunning Chinese girl steps forward you takes you firmly in her fist. She is tall with long straight black hair. She looks down at you with a vengeful stare as tells the others, "The sultan has had his way for us for long enough. It is time he learns what it is like to be weak and without power. Let me see what I can teach in my time with him." She heads off to a private room with you helpless in her tight fist.

Apparently the genie's magic has put you in place of the true sultan and these girls think you are him. From the sound of this girls comments and the others agreeing, he wasn't the nicest guy either. This could be trouble.

She takes you to a private room and drops you onto a pillow on the floor which breaks your fall and the momentum causes you to roll off to the floor unharmed. She stands in front of you with her arms akimbo and says, "Now little one, you will bow down and beg for mercy like you made me do."

You stand up in front of her and reply, "No. I am still the sultan and you will obey me."

She laughs and kicks you with her bare foot sending you crashing several feet away. "We can do this all night you little worm. Now down and beg", she tells you.

You run up and kick her foot which has no effect and she returns the favor sending flying even further this time. "I see you are just as stupid at this size, sultan", she says as she approaches you and places her foot over your body as if she is about to squish you into the floor. "Perhaps I should end your miserable existence now, worm"

You feel the pressure and you think your body is about to explode and you can't take the pain. "Please stop", you shout and she removes her foot.

"NOW !", she orders.

You quickly bow down on your knees and say, "Please don't hurt me anymore. I beg you. Please, I'm sorry for whatever I did to you."

She places her big toe on your head and presses it down into the floor. "I will spare your life only because the other girls haven't had a chance to enjoy you but soon they will tire of you and on that day I will be waiting to tear your body apart limb by limb like you did to my brother. She releases her foot and take a small piece of silk and gags you and then she takes another piece and ties your legs together. Then she ties the silk to a hanging lamp leaving you hanging upside down by your feet. You are eye level with her and she twirls the fabric between her fingers send you spinning.

"You will stay here tonight while I sleep and in the morning you will get on your hands and knees again and thank me for sparing you from death. If I don't like it, you may end up a little worse off before I return you. Maybe a broken arm or foot. What do think think?" she laughs as she gives you another spin before retiring to bed

Your choices:

  1. Hang there for the night

Retrieved September 13, 2016