Tied to Zavia's Sandal

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By: northgate

You continue to refuse this girl's demands. "I am still the sultan and you will not give me orders", you tell her.

She just laughs at you, "If you will not have me as your queen then you will be my foot slave, tiny sultan." She takes a pair of gold sandals and uses thread to tie you to them. You are face down and as she slips them on you face in directly over the space between her first and second toes. "This will make you accustom to my feet. I expect you to kiss them throughout the day so their taste will be in your mouth.", she tells you as she leaves to spend her day in the harem. She goes for her morning meal and slips the sandal off her foot under the table and proceeds to us her toes to torture you while she eats. She then goes through her day and no one notices you tied to her sandal.

After the evening meal she returns to her room to release you and brings you a bowl of water to drink. "Before you can drink", she tells you, "Will you make me your queen now?"

"Never", you teel her not ready to give in and she places her foot in the bowl and swishes it around with her toes. She drops you in the bowl with her foot and a small piece of soap and a rag.

"In that case you can use that water to wash my feet and feel free to have some to drink while you are at it.", she laughs to you.

Your choices:

  1. Refuse to wash her feet
  2. Wash her feet

Retrieved September 13, 2016