Zavia Get the Lamp

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By: northgate

Instead of complying, however, Zavia again smiles mischievously.

"Do you think my brains are smaller than my bosom, little sultan? Now, that I am to be your queen consort, what need you with a genie?"

Whereupon, she picks up the lamp and breathes on it, herself!

Much to your shock and dismay, Jasmine the Genie appears out of her usual puff of smoke, bowing in utter humility before Zavia.

"How may I serve thee, Mistress of the Lamp?"

"Each holder of your lamp is granted three wishes, yes?"

"That is correct, O Mistress."

"Then, my first wish is to have all the other girls in the sultan's harem turned into genies just like yourself!"

Jasmine looks puzzled for a second, but she obediently blinks the wish into reality, just the same.

"Your second wish, O Mistress?"

"I wish you to scatter those genies, and their lamps, to the deepest parts of the Seven Seas. So, that they can never possibly see the light of day, again!"

Jasmine frowned. Yet, she blinks a second time, regardless.

"And, your final wish, O Mistress?"

"I wish you the freedom to begone from here, of course."

Jasmine's frown instantly becomes a smile.

"Thank you, O Mistress. Thank you!"

Whereupon, she gave Zavia a kiss on both cheeks.

"No, Jasmine!" you shout (still imprisoned in Zavia's cleavage): "Wait!"

But, Jasmine just blows you a kiss goodbye, before vanishing altogether. At which point, Zavia removes you from her cleavage, and turns you around to face her.

"Now, how shall we celebrate our impending nuptials, first, my cute little monkey of a sultan?"

The End.

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