Escape Lolita

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By: northgate

You think this is a good time to make your exit and see it you can find the lamp and the genie before Zavia uses all the wishes and the genie departs. You exit her sleeping area but there are still girls moving about off to your left. You decide to go to the right but a moment later you feel you are being watched and look over your shoulder to see a barefoot behind directly you. You stop and turn and see you are indeed being watched. It is a tall muscular girl with a dark Mediterranean complexion and dark shoulder length hair looking down at you.

"Hello sultan", she says with an evil smile, "So late for one so little to be out for a walk alone." You know this is trouble and start to run but her foot comes out and knocks you over and rolls you over onto your back with her big toe. "Don't move", she warns you as her foot hovers over you. You put your arms up to defend yourself but she does lowers it down covering you with her sole. "Out by yourself you might get stepped on she says as she increases the pressure slightly. You think you are dead for reasons you don't even know.

"She removes her foot and picks you up in her fist and up to her face. Her hot breach washes over you, "I won;t kill you.... yet. First, we should have some fun". She positions you so your head is now in her fist with your lower body dangling down and she squeezes to cut off your air supply. You struggle kicking your legs but a few moments later you are unconscious and in the palm of a harem girl that you tortured in the past.

You awaken and you have no idea where you last were. You feel juice dripping on your face and you lick it up as it is sweet and cool and refreshes you, "Ahh you are awake, finally", you hear above you, "I though you might not wake up again."

You go to move and you feel your arms are bound together as well as your legs. You look up and see the same girl from earlier. "Why are you doing this?", you ask her.

"Why", she repeats, "Is your brain so small to that you don't know. It is I Hasna. Your harem girl that could outlast your manhood. You couldn't take that so you raped me with your toys and tried to break me like a wild stallion I bled for days after that.It just as well you don't remember, it makes me feel even better about what I will do to you. Now you will be my toy to break". She squeezed the grape between her fingertips and flatten it. "Remember sultan. I can do that to you at any time. So you better do as I say."

You look down at your situation and see she used thread to tie your wrists together and it is tied off to a thin strip of material. The strip of material runs behind you and your ankles are bound to it the same way. The material runs off and is attached to a larger piece next to you. "Let me show you what we will be doing today and if I play this right maybe for a longer time than just today" She grabs at the fabric and lifts it up lifting you in the process giving you a better view. The strap from your hands splits into two straps that are attached to a piece of large material while the strap at the other end continues as one and is attached to the same patch of material. "Do you know what this is?" she asks you and you shake your head no. "Let me show you", she continues as she lowers it to the floor and carefully arranges it.

You are lying on your back and look up and her magnificent body standing over you. "Figure it out yet?" she asks and you just continue to stare up at her Greek goddess body. "I guess you need the full demonstration", she says as she bend down while lifting her right foot. You immediately realize that this is her undergarment as she slide it up her legs with you attached. A split second later you realize where you are and where you are headed and you let out a howl, "Nooooooo! Stop! You can't do this!", you yell but she just speeds up the process. You have realized that she has attached you to her g-string and you are headed for the back. She planned well as you slam into her butt crack. She positions her cheeks and you find yourself face to anus.

You try to scream but there is little fresh air and her butt cheeks have compressed your chest so the best you can do is a whimper. "Comfy back there?", she laughs as she dresses and goes about her business of the day. Twice she finds the chance to fart which is unbearable to you and she finds funny.

It is the late afternoon when she and another girl as summoned to the Sultana's court to dance for her. She has been meeting with petitioners all day and is ready for some entertainment. Hasna is known as the best belly dancer in the harem and they perform for her shortly after arriving. The gyrations of her dance make you feel sick but it is still better than her farts. When they are done their act, the Sultana calls them close and beckons then to sit with her while she continues her business,

The girls sit on pillows at her feet and she asks them about the other harem girls and what has been happening. "You girls have it so easy but that is good for you. The life of a Sultana is very difficult. Everyone needs something and there are constant requests." The girls tell her how beautiful she looks and they continue to talk when the Sultana asks what became of they ex-Sultan and if he is behaving.

Hasna giggles and tells her that you are kissing her anus as they speak. "It helps me dance even better", she tells the Sultana.

Zavia lets out a laugh and says, "You must let me see him, now."

Hasna stands up and giggles her waist as she reaches under her veils and pulls down the g-string with you attached. The fresh air feels wonderful as she holds the g-string in the air by the front with you dangle below. "He is very well behaved back there so far. I think it is a good way to break him to be obedient.", she tells the Sultana. "Perhaps you will permit me to keep him back there for a month's time. By then we will be well trained and ready for something new."

"Perhaps, we will see", the Sultana tells Hasna and then she turns her attention to you dangling before her. "So the great sultan who could have had a beautiful queen and a kingdom is reduced to stimulating a harem girls ass. You could have had it all but that wasn't enough. That's karma.", she laughed, "Girls why don't you and your toy stay a while and see how I rule our kingdom. Bring forth the next petitioner."

A woman entered the hall with a crude crutch and several bruises on her face. "Your highness, I am sorry to intrude into your beautiful palace but I did as you commanded and took my husband's estate over and this is what happened."

I could see this episode brought a sudden change to Zavia who roared, "Bring me the man responsible."

The doors opened and two amazon looking soldiers came dragging a poor excuse of a man into the room and drop him to his knees in front of the Sultana. "Are you responsible for your wife's injuries?", she asks him.

"She is a poor wife", he answers, "She demands all of my wealth and does not listen to my council. She is a fool and deserved it." The guards throttled him and he went silent.

Zavia turned to the woman and asked, "Do you want this man as your husband and I can make sure you will never be afraid of him again or do you want a divorce?"

"I love him and want him to respect me and my decisions.", the woman cried.

"So be it", Zavia said as she stood, The guard stepped back from the man and the Sultana'[s jewel around her neck glowed as it did before. Again a beam came out and struck the man instantly shrinking him down to a foot tall. "Now you will no longer fear him and you can teach him to be a good obedient husband and a warning for others who strike their wives. If he is good, you may bring him back in one year and I will him back one foot of height for each year is remains good and faithful. But if he is still ill tempered to you, you should not hesitate to have my guard seize him and I will make him so small he can be crafted into a piece of jewelry to adorn your body. Now rise and take this evil imp from my sight."

As they left, she turns to you and says, "How do you like my army of amazon warriors? They were my final wish to keep me and my kingdom safe. Your genie thanked me before she left and said she didn't think you'd ever get to that last wish. So you can stop thinking about getting to the lamp. It's gone as is your life." She turns to Hasna and says, "I command you to wear that garment with him kissing your sweet butt for as long as you wish".

You start to scream at the Sultana but Hasna is wise enough to quickly slip the g-string back on jamming back between her buttocks as she sat back down on a pillow at her Sultana's feet to muffle any sound you might try to make. She smiled and said, "You are most wise my queen" as she decided you would never leave her ass as long as you were alive.

Your choices:

  1. Your life is over
  2. You are granted a reprieve from Hasna's ass.

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