Lolita's turn with the Harem's New Pet

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By: northgate

You are cramped in the cage but in a moment you'll wish you were back inside it's relative safety as the first to speak up is Lolita a buxom but ditzy blond. Sonya hands the cage over to her and she happily takes it with you trapped inside to a private room. She extracts you from the cage and hold you up to her face in her fist. "Oh my sultan, you are so cute and adorable at this size." She brings you up to her face and gives you a big wet kiss across the face. "I'm so glad you're now our pet. You will spend all of your time with us and now you have to do whatever we want you to do. No more giving orders for you, Mr. Bossy-pants." She laughs at her own joke and gives you another kiss this time using her tongue to circle your head several times leaving you drenched in her saliva.

She is sitting cross legged on the floor and she drops you down in her lap. You look up at this towering beauty as she smiles down at you and removes her top releasing two large breasts. "You liked playing with these when you were the sultan. Let's see how you like them now." She picks you up and places you between her breasts and gives herself a hug encasing you in her hot flesh. Only your head is sticking up from the top of her cleavage but a moment later she bends her neck and her mouth envelopes your head completely and her tongue goes to work licking while she sucks on your head.

You feel like you are going to pass out when she releases you and you tumble down her body and bounce off her belly and back into her lap. She looks down at you and says, "So cute and helpless. You can't even climb out of my lap unless I let you. Try to climb out and if you succeed, I'll let you rest tonight otherwise you have to do whatever I want and no arguments."

You look at her legs and feet and figure this should be easy. "OK", you say as you start climbing over her ankle but as soon as you make some progress her fingers descend on you and push you back into her lap. "That not fair.", you tell her

She just laughs back at you and says, "I decide what's fair for you and I say you lost the challenge. Now I need to decide what I want to do first." She grabs you up and rolls on her stomach and drops you back down right in front of her and she positions her face right in front of you. "Now you can start by telling me how I'm the most beautiful girl in the harem."

You know you can't win in this situation and this is easier than most of the things you've had to endure so you go to town complimenting her hair, her eyes, her mouth and anything else you can think of. You must be making her happy because ever so often she swoops in with another big wet kiss. You continue until she re positions herself so her right breast is directly over you and she uses it to knock you down and pin you. "You once told me that my breasts were too small.", she tells you, "Do you still think so as she lowers her breast down forcing her nipple in your mouth for you to suck. This continues for some time until she decides it is time to rest for the night and she lies down pulling you close to her breasts as she fall asleep cuddling you.

You lie there for a while but then decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. get out of there
  2. get some rest while you can

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