More Fun With Raelin

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By: northgate

Raelin, the buxom redhead from earlier, steps forward and grabs the cage. "I will take care of our pet", she says as she takes you in the cage before any one can protest. She takes you into a private bedchamber and removes you from the cage and holds you in her fist up to her face. "I missed you so much. I didn't know if I'd get to play with you again and here we are. And now you are our pet forever so it's even better." She gives you a big kiss with her tongue licking your entire head. "And since we're such good friends perhaps I can be in charge of your care."

She gives you another kiss and then sets you down on the floor in front of her. She removes her sandals and then her silky garment leaving only her undergarments on. "Does my naked body excite my little pet", she asks with a smile. She takes a step forward so her foot is immediately in front of you. "On your hands and knees", she orders you and she raises her big toe slightly to emphasize her point.

You respond and drop not wanting to feel how much pressure her tow could exert on you. "Now kiss me and tell me how beautiful I am.", she tells you. You want to stay on her good side and hope she'll help you later by immediately climbing on her foot and kissing the top of it while tell her she is the most beautiful girl in the harem, the kingdom, and the world. She giggle at your tiny compliments while taking in the power she has to make you do whatever she wants.

After a while she shakes you from her foot and retracts it. She squats down in front of you and says, "Do you know intoxicating this power I have over you is? It feels incredible to have a tiny man completely in my control. Do you have any idea?" She pauses for a minute and then lets out a laugh. "of course you do. You were the sultan. That must have been great but now you are just our play toy."

She scoops you up in the palm of her hand and brings you to her face where she gives you another wet kiss. "You've been a good boy. Now do you want to stay with Raelin and I'll reward you by letting you explore my body or do you want to go back into your cage?"

You tell her to....

Your choices:

  1. Let's go exploring!
  2. Please put me back.

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