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By: superfan

Sonya and the rest of the harem girls squeal with delight and glee. Consequently, your new mistress (as in, female master) runs back to her room where she brings out something that fills you with dread.

A globe-shaped bird cage made of solid gold.

"Oh, no!" you exclaim: "Don't you _dare_ put me in there!! I order you to..."

Yet, as soon as the word "order" escapes your lips, Sonya uses her right index finger to once again give your gonads a painful flick.

"Pets cannot give orders," she sternly replies: "They may only obey them."

Whereupon, she sticks you in the cage. The interior of which barely affords enough head room for you to stand upright! A minute later, she returns to the common room of the harem to show you off.

"Who wants to play with our new pet, next?"

Your choices:

  1. One of your previous "playmates."
  2. Someone who hasn't had a turn, yet, at all.

Retrieved September 13, 2016