Sonya Teaches You a Trick

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By: northgate

Sonya redresses and sticks you under her top between her breasts. "I need to teach you a trick to win the Sultana's favor", she tells you, "but what shall I teach you". She starts dancing in front of a mirror admiring you stuck between her breasts. "I know", she exclaims getting a brilliant idea, "I'll teach you to belly dance for the Sultana. She will love that."

You have nothing but a crude undergarment on and she she thinks that is perfect for an outfit as she teaches you her moves to dance. You feel like a fool dancing but every time you try to complain or stop dancing she flicks you with her finger which is more than a little painful. She keeps this up for hours until she is satisfied with your performance. She doesn't give you anything to eat or drink until you have perfected the performance. When you are finally done, she lets you rest but tells you that you better do it perfect for the Sultana or those finger flicks will seem like nothing compared to what she will do to you. She tucks you back in her top to let you rest while she seeks out the Sultana to show her the dance she taught you. She makes her way to a throne room where Zavia the new Sultana is sitting upon a large throne on a platform.

Zavia is giving out orders to various people getting her new kingdom in order. You are annoyed how you had it all and this simple harem girl stole it from you. You were so stupid to show her the genie's lamp. You hear her say that no men may not own property in the kingdom and all property will revert to their wife. If they have more than one wife, it is to be evenly divided up and the man will stay with this first wife while the others are free to remarry. Men without wives will have one moon to find a wife or his property will revert to the Sultana. A man is fine garb who must have been quite wealthy, approaches her outraged. "You cannot make that ruling. It has been this way for a thousand years. We will rise up and cast you down".

Zavia is agitated and stands up to face her accuser, You notice her seductive her gowns are and how beautiful she looks. "How dare you speak to me like that.", she says, "You will be the first example of what happens to those how do not obey their Sultana." She touches a pendant that is around her neck and a large red jewel in the middle glows brightly and a beam shoots out striking the man. In an instance he is reduced in size to only three inches tall. The Sultana smiles and steps down from her platform and walks to directly in front of the man who is cowering before her. "This is what happens to those who do not obey", she says to everyone in the room. She looks down at the little man and asks, "So worm, do you have a wife to assume your property and care for you?"

The man continues to cower before her as the tip of her high heeled sandal is positioned directly in front of him so when he looks up all her sees is her big toe. "No your highness. My wife died and I haven't taken a new one yet."

"Most unfortunate", she says with a cruel smile, "At that size I doubt you will have any luck finding a wife. I suppose there to only one solution for you." She picks up her foot and slams her sandal down on him instantly crushing him flat. "Have all his properties entered into my royal treasury", she says as turns to leave. "This matter has made me tired. We can resume tomorrow."

She starts to leave and Sonja runs up to her. "Sultana, I have returned with the little man and he is ready to perform for you", she tells her as she follows along side.

"Yes, that would lighten my spirits", she replies, "Let's go to the harem and you can show me what he has learned." She sees you tucked in Sonja's top and lets out a little giggle. "I like how you carry him around." She stops to get a closer look at you. "I am fixing this kingdom and setting it right", she tells you. "Do you like my jewel. It was my second wish and now I can make anything I want as small as I want or restore them to normal. I could even restore you." She lets out a laugh and continues, "But I think not. There is only room in this kingdom for one Sultan and that is me." She pats your head with her fingertip. "You could have married and had me and this kingdom but that wasn't enough. I think this is much more appropriate for you now."

She turns to start walking again. "You are such a bitch.", you say, "I will get my kingdom back eventually."

She stops and stares at you. "Watch your tongue, tiny unless you want to feel the bottom of my shoe like that blow hard in the throne room."

Sonja jumps in and pushes you down further between her breasts. "A thousand pardons, Sultana. I will punish him for his insolance. When I am done with him he will cry out to your greatness."

"No need", Zavia replied, "at least not yet. Let's see his little show first. If he entertains me, I'll forgive him. If I am bored, you will punish him for wasting my time." They enter the harem and Zavia sits upon the largest chair in the room and the harem girls crowd around her sitting on the floor. Sonja gets a few of the girls that are trained in musical instruments to play and she extracts you from her breasts and places you on the floor in front of but not to far from Zavia. Zavia towers over you but you are even dwarfed by the harem girls sitting on the floor around her. They all giggle at your state of undress leaving even more embarrassed than before.

Sonja claps her hands and command you to start dancing and you know this is your only way to avoid a punishment for your rash statements and you start gyrating like Sonja taught you and the girls clap along with the music and laugh at your dance. You even catch Zavia cracking a smile at how ridiculous you look. Sonja lets this go on for a long time and you are exhausted when the girls finally stop the music.

Zavia is smiling but you don't know if it is a sadistic smile or not. She stands and says, "Sonja thank you for the show. It was certainly unique. I'll decided that you should ...

Your choices:

  1. still punish the little man
  2. keep him as the harem's pet.

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