Sonya's Dance Routine

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By: northgate

She picks you up and places you on a bed which brings you eye level with her crotch. She begins a seductive dance gyrating her hips right in front of you. A moment later she begins a slow strip tease right exposing her perfectly shaved pussy right in front of your face.

You are overwhelmed by this sight of her pussy coming closer and closer to you as she dances nearer to you on the bed. The smell is overwhelming and you want to dive right into her and she grants your wish when she snatches you up and keeps dancing slowly while her hand grinds you into her now moist pussy.

"Ohhh, you feel so good down there", she exclaims as she continues covering your clothes in her juices. When she finishes dancing she sits on the bed and holds you in her palm. "You are so messy. little man. Let me fix that.", she tells you and a moment later she strips you on your royal robes leaving you with only a minimal covering over your privates. "You do not get to wear royal garments now that we have a new Sultana. Maybe she will allow the harem to keep you as a pet", she laughs.

She then takes you and decided you should stay ...

Your choices:

  1. between her breasts
  2. next to her wet pussy.

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