Sonya Unfastens Her Halter Top

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By: northgate

You look up in horror as Sonya unfastens her halter top revealing her fair skinned breasts. She positions herself over the pillow you are laying on and lowers herself so her nipple is right in your face. "Kiss kiss, little sultan", she giggles prodding you with the tip of her erect nipple. You resist momentarily and she presses her breast against you smothering you. "Now don't disappoint Sonya", she tells you and you quickly comply although the tip of her nipple is more than a mouthful for you.

She switches breasts several times exhausting you. When she is satisfied and your mouth is completely dry from so much kissing and sucking that she picks you up and rolls on her back. With you in her hand, she stretches her arm upward and dangles you over her head laughing at your struggles. She props herself up on pillows and drops you on her bare belly. You try to get up and run but you fall as you try to stand on her soft belly and you fall with your hand landing in her navel. Her hand comes up covers you barring any more escape attempts and she stokes you like a little pet. You just want to get away from this girl but she is not letting you go anytime soon.

"Now that we have a new Sultana, what are you my little one? Certainly one so little can not be married to our great ruler. She requires one of greater stature than you", she muses while petting you. "Perhaps the Sultana will allow the harem to keep you as our pet. I know you would like being at the mercy of nineteen beautiful women", she laughs. "You should learn more about life in the harem my little pet. I know, you should come with me to ..."

Your choices:

  1. the harem's baths.
  2. dinner with the harem.

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