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By: superfan

For once, being the slenderest and least-zoftig of the harem girls is advantageous. Sonya leaps ahead of the others and snatches you up, with a cheer of exultation almost drowned out by the corresponding groans of disappointment.

"Do not worry, girls. I will give him back to you, in one piece. Although, I cannot guarantee that he will not be too exhausted to play with you, right away!"

The only one to laugh at that joke, Sonya takes you to her private bedchamber. There, she lays down on her stomach, while positionng you dead center of her pillow. This gives you a tremendous view of her cleavage, which--despite its lack of ampleness--is still remarkably gigantic from your current point of view!!

"So, where were we, my little sultan, before we were so rudely interrupted? Ah, yes! More fun."

She grins as she picks you up, and proceeds to...

Your choices:

  1. ...unfasten her halter top.
  2. ...undress from the waist down.

Retrieved September 13, 2016