Zavia Summons the Harem

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By: northgate

"You've become too much of a buzz-kill," you reply (momentarily puzzling her with your use of modern slang): "I'll return to the harem."

"So be it."

Zavia claps her hands, and the harem girls quickly come running into her bedchamber, and kowtow.

"What is thy bidding, O Sultana?" they chant in unison.

"Take this impudent little monkey back to your common area, and teach him some tricks to suitably amuse me."

The harem girls smile as one, and quickly run forward, competing to be the first to grab you up and have their with you! But, the winner turns out to be...

Your choices:

  1. Alexis, the buxom redhead
  2. Soyna, your original blond playmate

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