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By: northgate

You know that this girl is dangerous and turn and run down toward the foot of the bed as fast as you can. You think you are getting away but Samira is just watching you amused waiting for the moment to strike. As you near the end of the bed, she spreads her toes and snatches you up between her big and second toe. You strugglke to get free but she just tightens her grip on you and you feel like she is going to break you.

"This is going to be even more fun than I thought", she says as she lays back and lifts her legs straight in the air with you still trapped between her toes. "Enjoying the view", she laughs as she releases her grip and you and suddenly you start to fall but you grab ahold of her toe and find yourself hanging with only your arms wrapped around her toe keeping you from falling. She tries flexing and scrunching her toes to cause you to fall but you have a good hold on to her. She maneuvers her other foot over and taps you with her other big toe. "Since you like me feet so much, how about a nice kiss for my toe", she tells you, "or my other foot will squish you right now." She presses on you with the other toe to emphasize her point.

You don't want to fall and you comply by kissing her toe multiple times. She laughs at you and uses her other toe to knock you loose and you fall landing on her stomach which breaks your fall. Before you can react her hand comes up and grabs you. "My, my, what a naughty little man you are. I just wanted you to kiss the outside of my lovely womanhood but all this action has made me horny. I think you can give me some kisses on the insides now. You yell out at her but she ignores you and slams you head first in her wet pussy stroking you in and out. She orgasms soaking you in her juices but instead of letting you out she plunges you all the way in with her finger pushing you. She withdraws her finger and closes her legs together leaving you trapped inside her.

Meanwhile you struggle in the hot dark wetness flailing about trying to find a way out. Samira lays back and soaks in the feeling of you moving about inside her and smiles satisfied. Your movements cause her to start getting off again. She bucks up and down and orgasms again almost drowning you inside her. When she is done, she just lies back feeling you continue to struggle inside her. She lies back and decides...

Your choices:

  1. to keep you trapped inside her till morning
  2. let you out for more fun and games

Retrieved September 13, 2016