Pleasuring Samira

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By: northgate

She strips you down and drops you on the bed. You regain your bearing and see that she is slowly and seductively striping herself. She smiles when she sees you tiny erection and laughs, "I hope you don't think for a moment that that tiny little thing can begin to satisfy me." She finishes and poses for you. Her body is very well toned and her skin a lovely bronze color. Her green eyes penetrate right through you. She asks you, "Do you find me attractive?"

You can only nod numbly at this massive beauty. She gets on the bed on her knees and is still towering directly in front of you. She slides back on the bed and lowers herself so her face is now directly in front of you. Suddenly her tongue darts and you fall onto your back from the surprise. She pulls back for a moment and smiles at you lying helplessly in front of her.

She comes close again and this time exhales causing her hot sweet breath to envelope you. "I want you to use every inch of your body, every ounce of strength, and every fiber of your being to satisfy me tonight. Anything less will be punished. Am I clear?", she asks you.

You again nod weakly not sure what other response you could give her. Her body is massive but her sexuality is overpowering and you feel totally helpless in her presence.

She picks you up between her fingertips and dangles you in the air. "Well then, let's get you to work", she purrs as she rolls over and props herself up on pillows. "My body needs you to take care of it right now so get to work like your life depends on it because it does." With that comment she drops you directly in front of her massive pussy.

You hestitate for a moment but her fingers are near by and shove you headfirst into her hot throbbing mound. You ...

Your choices:

  1. get to work.
  2. run away.

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