Zavia and Samira's Discussion

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By: northgate

Adara brings you to Zavia's bedchambers and she is instructed to drop you on the bed and leave which does quickly without a word. You see you are not alone as Zavia's new consort Samira emerges from a side room. She is an Egyptian beauty with short straight jet black hair and bright green eyes that are almost unnatural. She is wearing some sort of silk robes that are open and fully expose her full breasts. She approaches you and stands towering over you standing by the bed. "So my Sultana, this is the tiny pet you talked about.", she says as she beds down to examine you,

She is very intimidating especially as a giantess to you and you try to back away but she plucks you off the bed and stands back up dangling you by your legs in front of her face. "Not much of a man", she comments, "I don't see how he could satisfy a woman."

"I understand that slave girl derives some great pleasures from him.", Adara retorts barely paying any attention to what Samira is doing to you.

"Maybe he is a diversion for an inexperienced slave girl but I doubt he could satisfy real woman like us.", Samira answers while spinning you around between her fingertips.

"You are only assuming, my dear Samira", Zavia tells her, "You really don't know for fact. Maybe the little fellow's tiny body would bring pleasure to your most sensitive spots. There may be pleasures you are not aware exist." Zavia comes over and joins Samira. She kisses her ear and whispers, "Why doesn't you take him for a day and see what pleasure he can bring you?"

"Thank you, Sultana", Samira whispers back, but you know how passionate I can be. What if the little one can't survive my passion?"

"Don't worry. I could never deny my Samira her pleasure by making her worry about the safety of her toy. Do what you must to enjoy yourself", Zavia tells her not worried that anything was going to happen to you.

Samira smiles and closes her hand encasing you in her tight fist. She looks down at you and says, "Looks like we'll have some time together, tiny one. I hope you can handle me."

You know you are in trouble as she leaves the room with you in hand through a side door that takes her to her own private bedchamber. She drops you on the bed and sits next to you. She tells you ....

Your choices:

  1. "You will bring me great pleasure this evening if you wish to survive"
  2. "You will have a fatal accident this evening and then Zavia will be all mine"

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