Harem Dancing Contest

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By: northgate

Samira is jealous that Zavia may have feelings for you and decides your fate. She tells you, "You are fun, little sultan but I don't want to have to share Zavia with you. I think perhaps the other harem girls can help me out with my problem."

She dresses and carries you back to the harem and calls the eighteen girls together. "Zavia is now the Sultana and our little sultan needs a new belly dancer. So we will have a contest to decide who will be the new chief dancer. The winner of the contest will get to spend the rest of the day in the company of the sultan to help him become more familiar with her. You will all dance at once and continue until he makes a choice."

You try to protest but she is holding you too tightly. Suddenly music starts to play and you are dropped to the floor. You want to run but you are immediately surrounded by eighteen pairs of bare feet dancing around you. You try to get them to stop but the music is too loud and they are all too into the competition to hear you. To make matters worse the girls are pushing each other to be in front of you so they will be noticed and their circle is closing in around you.

Samira stands back and laughs at your predicament secretly hoping one of these girls accidentally steps on you crushing you. Since they can't hear you and are too busy competing it is probably only a matter a time before this actually happens. You looks up and see the girls have stepped up their game as they each start to remove their tops one after another to attract your attention. Soon they are all topless but you are afraid to look up thinking won't see a stray foot coming at you.

Suddenly you are scoped up from behind as a tall girl with jet black hair and a tan complexion scoops you up and dances with you pinned between her massive breasts. You yell at her but she just ignores you and keeps dancing. Samira intercedes and tells her to put you down to make the competition fair and as she puts you back on the floor, you make one last effort and yell "Winner, winner !" to her.

Your choices:

  1. She hears you
  2. She doesn't hear you and puts you back on the floor.

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