Spend the Day Close to Samira

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By: northgate

Samira smiles down at you satisfied with her handiwork. "Yes, I think having you close to me will best", she tells you as she fastens you into her under garments so you are tight against the outside of her pussy. Her binds render you helpless to do anything but stay put all day. You can hear here go through her day and you are bored, hungry and thirsty. You hear her console Zavia for losing you and you think what a bitch she is. You want to yell out and reveal her but you are incapable in your current position.

Finally it is evening and the girls retire for the night. Samira takes you to a private chambers and unwraps you and places you on a side table high off the floor leaving you no where to go. You look around the room and it is quite nicer than what you've seen in the harem. You assume Zavia must have given her an upgrade in accommodations. She changes into an attire for bed that is even more revealing than she wears during the day. She stands in front of you and models for you. You can't avoid getting a hard-on at the sight of her and you try to hide it but she smiles knowing her effect on you.

You ask her for something to eat and drink telling here it's been more than a day since your last food. She takes you to a table where there is a pitcher of cool water and a cup. She pours a cupful and uses it to rinse out her mouth spitting it out into a small bowl. She then picks you up and drops you in the bowl of dirty water. "Drink up, little slave. You'll need it for what we are going to do next.", she tells you and you obey not knowing when you may get another chance to drink.

She dries you off and carries you over to her bed. "Now little slave, you will learn your place in being my entertainment. If you do a good job, you may even get real food and fresh water but if you don't I'll have to find other ways to amuse myself with you and they could be quite painful." She drops you on the bed between her thighs and in front of her exposed pussy. her fingers descend upon it and play with it. It is at least as big as you and you want to run but there is nowhere to go. You watch and see moisture forming around her fingers and she continue to play with herself.

You continue to watch and see that her fingers have stopped probing her self and are now coming toward you. She is too fast and they are immediately upon you. The smell of her on her fingertips is overwhelming as she pushes you closer to her glistening lips. "I want to feel that tiny tongue of yours. All you can eat, little man", she laughs as her fingers slam you headfirst into her awaiting pussy.

Do you ....

Your choices:

  1. get to work, Resistance is futile.
  2. Resist her with all your tiny might.

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