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By: superfan

Then, she smiles, most maliciously. You want to ask what's she going to do with you, but your mouth is too tightly gagged by the silk veil Samira placed around it. In fact, both long ends of it are dangling in such a way that your head is painfully craned backwards!

And, it soon becomes obvious she has noticed this. For she quickly begins winding the right end around your body, clockwise. While doing the same with the left end, although counter-clockwise. Less than ten seconds later, you are encased in a translucent cocoon!

"There! Now, you are the world's smalllest mummy! A most appropriate punishment for you, as I _am_ Egyptian. The only question remaining, however, is where to... 'entomb' you for the day?"

Your choices:

  1. "Should it be down the front of my silken briefs?"
  2. "Or, in back?"

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