Samira Fakes Your Escape

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By: northgate

Samira looks you over in her fist and ponders your fate. "I'm the jealous type and I want the Sultana for myself. You however will make a nice plaything for me when she is too busy to see me.", she says as she opens her fist and runs her index finger down the length of your body to add emphasis. "We are going to be very close friends from now on." She smiles a wicked smile before reinserting you headfirst into her still moist love canal.

You struggle to get free but you soon realize that only serves to stimulate her more so you decide to lie still and conserve your strength and plan an escape.

Meanwhile, Samira has put her plan in motion waking Zavia and Adara as she acts out frantically looking for you. "The little sultan has escaped", she cries out to the others and they all start looking for you. Zavia even instructs all of the palace staff to be on the look out for you. This goes on for hours and Zavia instructs Adara to continue searching with the staff as she needs to move on to other more pressing palace matters.

Samira begs her leave from the Sultana and returns to her own small private quarters where she extracts you and sets you aside. She washes with a bowl of water and you see your chance. You start running and yelling "Help!", but your voice is too small and you can't run to far and she snatches you up and gives you a squeeze that makes you think your ribs will crack. "Try that again and I'll break your leg and remove your tongue.", she growls and you know she means business.

"You are dead to all of them so I can do whatever I want to you and it won't matter. You better remember that", she tells you and she uses the same wash bowl to rinse you off. "This time I'll go easy on you", she says as she uses a small piece of silk to gag you in order to keep you silent. "Now, where do I keep you for today", she asks herself while staring at you menacingly.

Your choices:

  1. You become part of her undergarment for the day.
  2. She puts you back inside herself for the remainder of the day.

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