Samira decides to keep you inside for a while

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By: superfan

It is adding insult to injury that Zavia seems to enjoy having sex with Samira twice as much as she did with you. Because, the two lesbians are going through twice as many gyrations with each other as Zavia did with you, back when she was still a belly-dancer!*

This turns out to be a blessing in disguise, though, as you are involuntarily up-ended. Allowing you to finally cough and gasp, as you inhale fresh air like a swimmer who was nearly underwater for too long. There's only one draw-back: you're still trapped, from the waist down, inside Samira's gateway to pleasure!

Then, suddenly, it gets really quiet. Moments later, you hear the sound of even breathing. You look up and you smile until your cheek muscles hurt. Zavia has fallen asleep from sexual exhaustion!! Now's your chance to escape!!!

Unfortunately, for you, your sense of triumph is short-lived as you feel yourself being lifted back out. It's Samira! She's still awake!! And, potentially worse; her right hand is bringing you straight toward her face!!!

"Did you have fun, little sultan? I know did. In fact, I now understand better why Zavia still has feelings for you. You are quite...stimulating, for one so small! Which raises two questions."

*In your present situation, you naturally forget that most of these are false memories magically implanted (as fringe benefits to the fulfillment of your first two wishes) by Jasmine.

Your choices:

  1. "Should I fake your death, and keep you for my own sexual enjoyment?"
  2. "Or, should I share-and-share alike with the other harem girls?"

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